High-Quality storage container in kit form

Containers Solutions is one of the leading manufacturers and dealers of prefabricated construction kits. The flat pack storage container is one of our highly rated products, which is used as a storage device. Storage containers are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use.

When it is about storing machinery or equipment in open areas, we are concerned about its
safety. Storage containers are sturdy and keep your belongings safe, even when placed
outside. The strong built and locking facility makes this container an all-rounder which offers
storage with security.

The flat pack storage containers are made available in a variety of sizes and dimensions, which
makes them a perfect fit for almost every use.

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Storage room in kit form equipped with shelving layout
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Various uses of storage containers

These storage containers can be used for a number of occasions. Let us present a few usages of Containers Solutions’ storage container.

  • These can be used to store equipment, construction materials, paints, etc., at a
    construction site, or can work as a restroom for construction site workers.
  • When placed outdoors, it can efficiently work as a garage which will safeguard your
    vehicle from dust, heat, and rain.
  • You can use this as storage indoors to store old furniture or excess materials.
  • Other miscellaneous storage needs.
Storage container in kit formGarden shed made of galvanized steel

We provide a spacious Solution for your storage needs

Our flat pack storage containers have been a great success in the market, especially for their
adaptability to any shape, size, and dimension. These storage boxes are easy to move and are
well-equipped with dismantling capacities, which make them the most preferred method of a
storage solution. Know the remarkable features which make the storage containers a worthy


Easy mobility of the storage container makes it popular with customers. The flat pack storage
containers can be stacked one upon the other, which allows easy transport and storage. In case
of a big build storage container, it can be moved with the help of a crane or forklift. Its mobile
nature makes it more adaptable to changing needs.

Storage container in kit form made of galvanized steel

Strong build

Our storage containers are made of anticorrosion galvanized steel, which provides the product
with extra strength and durability. The base is prepared to take a load of 500 kg per square
meter. The storage containers in kit form can be stored easily by stacking them on several floors.
Safety is one of the main features of the flat pack storage containers; it is ideal for outdoor use
thanks to its waterproof nature.

Boxes of self-storage piled on 2 floors

Quick dismount

The storage containers can be assembled and disassembled within a few minutes without any
technical help. This makes the product an excellent choice for work that requires continuous
shifting, from one place to another. Shipping of flat pack storage containers is secure and they
can be transported by a truck or ship.

Transport of the flat container in kit form in a truck


We maintain industry standards when it comes to the quality of the product. With a robust build,
a flat pack storage container becomes highly durable and thus cost-effective. It can be used for
multiple occasions. These flat pack storage containers in kit form can be stacked together
during transportation and storage, which makes them more economical.

Handling of an assembled storage container in a kit form
Moving of a storage container in a kit form with a forklift truck

Technical Specification of flat pack storage containers

We offer various specifications in terms of dimensions and customization. Our standard
specification size of the container is 2.2 meters wide and 2.25 meter to 6 meters in length.

 Container Weight (Kg) Internals Externals In Kit form
Sizes [mm] (length x widh x height)
2.25 m 404 2070 x 2000 x 2000 2250 x 2200 x 2200 2250 x 2200 x 380
3 m 456 2840 x 2000 x 2000 3000 x 2200 x 2200 3000 x 2200 x 380
4 m 568 3840 x 2000 x 2000 4000 x 2200 x 2200 4000 x 2200 x 380
5 m 676 4840 x 2000 x 2000 5000 x 2200 x 2200 5000 x 2200 x 380
6 m 780 5840 x 2000 x 2000 6000 x 2200 x 2200 6000 x 2200 x 380
3D view of a storage container in kit form Storage container in kit equipped with opened double-door  

Introducing the new addition to our inventory: Mini-storage container

With the existing standard size storage container, we have introduced the mini container, which
is a good option where space is a constraint. The mini containers take less space to
accommodate and can fit in almost any place. Read the technical specification in the chart mentioned- below.

Mini storage container in kit form 
Mini container Weight (Kg) Internals Externals In Kit form
Sizes [mm] (length x width x height)
1 m 162 920 x 1035 x 2000 1080 x 1190 x 2190 2089 x 1200 x 475
1.2 m 207 1035 x 1300 x 2025 1200 x 1375 x2 180 2089 x 1458 x 475
1.26 m 215 1180 x 1220 x 2025 1260 x 1380 x 2180 2089 x 1380 x 450
1.375 m 300 1300 x 2115 x 2025 1380 x 2180 x 2185 2089 x 2180 x 475

 Indispensable design and quality

Storage container in kit form equipped with a opened double door

The design of our storage containers is focused on making the product sturdy yet light-weight.
Our engineers have planned and designed these storage containers to be highly efficient and
capable to protect the goods from damage or theft.

  • The layout of the storage containers are made with 2 mm thin galvanized steel
  • The wall and roof is made with 0.75 mm galvanized steel
  • 35 mm wooden floor can take 500 kg weight per square meter
  • 0.75 mm roof is capable of carrying 300 kg of pressure per square meter
  • Well-equipped with double leaf door with safety lock and handle

We offer Customization of our storage containers

Storage container open on one sideApart from the standard product, we offer various customizations of the product as required by
the customers. We add and subtract features to make the storage devices best suitable for the

Here are a few of the customizations that we offer:

  • Installation of extra doors and windows
  • The anti-vandalism bar for additional protection
  • Customized painting (RAL palette)
  • Air ventilation
  • Installation of a shelf

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