Modular building and prefabricated building

Prefabricated buildings in kit form for every uses

Work camp

Life camp’s bungalow in kit form for constructions sitesPrefabricated buildings as work camps and lodging on constructions sites


Prefabricated shelter in kit formModular container in kit form as shelter and mechanical room


Lock-up boxes of self-storage overlapped on two levelsContainer in kit form dedicated to storage and warehousing of equipments

Sentry box

Modular sentry box in kit formUnit in kit form (reception box, booth and guardroom)

Expert in modular building, Containers Solutions sells all sort of prefabricated building in Europe, in South Africa and all around the world.

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The assets of the modular building

  • View of the factory of sandwich panelsFast : slender manufacturing period (4 to 6 weeks)
  • Easy: ease of transport, light bases, quick assembly
  • Adjustable: a very large number of combinations and options is doable
  • Reliable and sturdy: High quality products that are matching with tropical and equatorial climates
  • Cheap: Very attractive prices per square meter

In a global context in which everyone is looking for solutions of prefabricated building, fast, reliable and as cheap as possible, our modular solutions seem to be obvious as the most adapted answer.

A worldwide modular solution

Containers Solutions delivers its modular buildings fully assembled or in kit form. They are delivered by boat or truck.

Therefore, we are delivering in Europe, in Africa and all around the world.

Flat storage of modular buildings in kit form Modular building export

A modular service for a prefabricated building

Depending on your expectations, your period request and your budget, Containers Solutions offers technical solutions of modular building for sale which will allow you to carry out projects such as:

Every of our solutions of modular building share a very low cost, a speed of fulfilment combine with a tremendous modularity.

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factory of prefabricated buildings : welding of the steel frames