Modular container for shelter and technical room

Technical shelter in kit formThere is the reason why Containers Solutions has emerged as a reliable name in the prefab kit industry. We offer modular containers which are adaptable for shelters and technical rooms.
These prefab shelters can be easily assembled to form a safe and consistent container to carry machinery and equipment from one place to another. These shelters are highly movable, which
makes them a perfect choice for industries throughout the world.


Based on demand, these prefab shelters can be fortified with a technical requirement such as resistance, insulation, an air conditioner, aesthetics, etc.

A wide range of options and adaptability with changing needs, make our prefab shelter a perfect
choice for your growing demand. Our expert team of engineers  are always looking to improve and are willing to support our customers to design a product according to their requirement.

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Ready to assemble flat pack shelter

Our flat pack shelter kit is a ready to assemble, insulated container, specially made with sandwich panels. The prefab shelters have been a popular choice for the technical room because they are:

  • Movable
  • Ready to use
  • Customizable
  • Allow instant working conditions

Our prefab shelters are used in several industries as prefabricated functional space such as GSM, photovoltaic, electric, data center, telecommunications, military, water treatment, IT, and others.
Our ready to assemble standard design of prefab shelter for the technical room is provided with
accessories such as:

  • Well-planned electricity circuit and supporting accessories
  • Openings such as door; fitted with door stoppers, door closer, etc.
  • Sandwich panel insulated wall and over roof insulation.
  • Flooring has been given much importance to take a heavy load
Download the information picto pdfShelters in kit form

Blueprint of a sandwich panel

What makes our shelters a perfect fit for the technical room?

Our prefab shelter is a perfect fit for the technical room because of its strong build, insulation,
mobility, and adaptability. Let’s take a more in-depth look at the features of prefab shelters.

Diverse Dimension

The prefab shelters are manufactured according to the specification of our clients. In addition to their requirement, our technical team also assist them by serving input regarding the build of the shelters in regards to different dimensions; length, height, and width. In fact, we offer a provision of collaborating two shelters or more to achieve a more extensive technical space.


Our prefab shelters are designed to adapt according to the requirement with features like:

  • Weather resistant- They are made highly resistant to external risks such as floor load and
    harsh weather conditions like a storm, heavy rainfall, flood, etc.
  • Strong build- The shelters are made of a sandwich panel which provides extra strength and
    insulation and antistatic PVC. The thickness of the insulation is maintained as per the
    requirement of the customer. They are equipped with cement chip rot-proof flooring panels
    instead of OSB or plywood which provides extra strength.
  • Safety measures- Safety measures have been given priority during construction such as the
    installation of a safety door, 3-point door locks, door closer, panic bar, etc.
  • Air circulation- Every provision for air circulation has been given emphasis in our safety
    containers. They are well equipped with Aeration grids, air puller, and air conditioning.
  • Well laid electricity- Detailing has been done to give enough scope for a wire path and cable
    passage, which eradicates the chances for accidents.
  • Occupancy sensors to activate power- To save energy, our prefab shelter is fitted with an
    occupancy sensor to enable electricity automatically.
  • Other added features- There are various other features which make these prefab shelters a
    perfect technical room such as pre-fitted forklift pockets, etc.
Technical room in kit form Structure of a modular shelter in sandwich panels

Delivery at your convenience

Construction site bungalow in kit form packaged flatDue to its prefab nature, the shelters are shipped in a kit form where the panels are laid upon
one another in a flatbed manner. It helps to accommodate prefab shelters one upon the other. Due to its reduced volume, 5 to 20 shelters in a kit set, they can be packed in a single 40 feet
shipping container which indeed saves transportation charges.
We deliver prefab shelters to all African harbors according to your convenience.

Fast manufacturing process

To gear up with your technical room requirement, we manufacture one shelter unit within 5 to 6 weeks. We are also into manufacturing openings such as doors and windows. With a robust human resource of more than 200 employees, we are efficient to deliver the products in a shorter time period. And, this all thanks to our three production lines for sandwich panels, which makes manufacturing possible at a faster pace. Due to our complete in-house designing and manufacturing process, Containers Solutions can take care of your minute specifications.

Inside layout of a technical containerSafety first: We support you

To help you assemble the prefab shelter kit, we support you with the following:

  • A detailed assembly manual
  • A supervisor on site (on estimate only)

On request, we can arrange your visit to our manufacturing plant where we will demonstrate
your product, and we can also arrange a technical quality check at the end either by ourselves
or autonomous bodies.

Use of the Technical shelter

Our prefab shelters are multipurpose and are used for many activities and technical room applications. Here are some of its potential applications:

  • Photovoltaic shelter/converter room
  • Electrical shelter
  • Fiber optic shelter
  • Storage shelter
  • GSM or telecommunication shelter
  • Data center or IT shelter
  • Shelter for water treatment unit
  • Energy shelter/power generator
  • Military shelter

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Technical shelter in kit form Technical room with a wooden cladding

In brief, whatever your project or your need of a technical container might be, consult us to get a quick and free estimate.

Your satisfaction is our objective!

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