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Whichever office you work in, you want a little space of your own from where you can operate, don’t you? That is why Container Solutions came up with solutions like the Sentry box. It is a
top-rated product from our inventory, which is mostly used as a security booth, ticket office, checkpoint, etc. Our compact and modular sentry box is well-fabricated and is equipped with all the required facilities.

Our quality sentry box can be installed in a relatively small place. The strong build of the
product helps it to retain its shape as it is made up of strong galvanized structure. We extend
technical solution assistance and installation and maintenance solution for our valued clients.
Containers Solutions is a leading prefab kit manufacturer and dealer with a stronghold in the
European and African market.

With a worldwide presence, we are emerging as one of the leading suppliers of prefab kits. We provide ready-to-use and customized solutions for prefab materials. What makes prefab kits a choice for every business today is their option of smooth relocation and mobility.

Technical characteristics of prefab modular sentry box

Glazed modular sentry box made of sandwich panelsQuality of a product is judged with its build and technical characteristics. At Containers Solutions, we pay close attention towards quality and overall features which make our products robust, durable, and useful. Let us explore the characteristics and mechanism of our modular sentry




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It is mostly used for security booths, kiosks, ticketing offices, etc. Sentry box comes in a specific size, which starts from 1.5 square meters and can vary as per the requirement of the client.

Ready to use prefab sentry box kit is available with us, but we can customize according to the provision of our clients. Our ready to use sentry box is available in rectangle and square shapes. We have planned the layout of our ready-made modular sentry-box with the fact that it takes a relatively smaller space when installed. As they are mostly used for security booths and ticketing offices, we have also added features like small storage, etc.

Strong Build

Modular reception, sale or post sentry boxOur sentry box is sturdy, hard, and reliable. They are made up of galvanized sandwich panels, which gives it extra strength. The sentry box comes with a self-supporting frame which
helps them to retain their shape even during harsh weather conditions.

Moreover, the sandwich panels are made with high-quality pot-proof foam for doors and windows. Customization can be
done at any point in case of adding doors and windows.

Long Lasting

Due to its strong build with the high-quality sandwich panels, the sentry box retains their longevity
for a more extended period. Special attention is being given towards the door and windows,
which creates a concern after a few years of use. Our skillful engineers have planned the
interior and exterior of the sentry box to make it sturdy and spacious.

Modular glazed shelterCustomization

We offer a standard model sentry box for sale; however, more than 70% of our clients prefer customization in the product, which matches their exact requirement. As mentioned, the size of the sentry box can start from 1.5 square meters and can vary as per requirement.

Customization can be done in case of:

  • Exterior dimensions and interior height of the ceiling
  • Number and size of doors and windows
  • Shutters on actuator lockable from the inside
  • Plain, half-glazed or glazed doors
  • Quality and thickness of the insulants
  • Rot-proof cement wooden floor,
  • Sliding, tilt-turning windows, rolling shutter, rolling blind, barred windows, etc.
  • Air conditioning
  • Toilets, shower, sink, etc.

Modular reception roomAdditional Features

To make it user-friendly and effective, we at Containers Solutions pay special attention to the requirements of our clients. However, we have adopted special features which enable the roof water to be reused. The roof of each sentry box is equipped with a rainwater harvesting system from the four ends.

Delivering Sentry Box throughout the world

Our prefab kit for sentry box is packed in a flatbed manner. Once the order is placed, we specially pack each unit to make them eligible for transportation. Due to our worldwide business, we possess a network of C&F agents who help us in delivering our products with ease. The sentry boxes are shipped to their respective destination, and we make sure that the product reaches our customers in its original form. Each modular prefab kit is delivered along with a detailed assembly manual, which helps our customers to assemble each part with ease.

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We are a complete solution provider for Sentry box, installation, and maintenance

At Containers Solutions, we provide end to end service for transportation, installation, and
maintenance of sentry box. Our expert technical team renders their service to build the prefab
modular sentry box at the construction site. On demand, we send our supervisors at the
construction site to guide you through the whole process. Assembling the parts is just a matter
of a few hours, and it is ready for use. Maintenance of the modular sentry box is as simple as its
installation, but we extend our expert help to maintain the sentry box for the following years.

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