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bungalow en kit pour base vie de chantier
No matter how skillful you are, you always need a place from where you can operate. It’s what the work camps do for you!

A work camp is a movable modular building which is quite popular across industries like schools,
offices, construction sites, etc. These modular camps are highly preferable for permanent or
temporary use as per the requirement. And, when it comes to getting the best work camps,
Containers Solutions is the name to trust.

Our work camps come with complete peace of mind as we give special attention towards
durability and affordability, making them the first choice of everyone.

Dedicated space and well-planned structure

Our work camps are always well equipped with divisions which separate one room from another giving complete privacy. There is separate provision for rooms, toilets, etc. A work camp also consists of doors and windows, which makes it easily accessible. The construction of work
camps is done by using a galvanized steel frame which keeps them safe during natural calamities. Take a look at some of the features of work camps :

  • Insulated sandwich panel walls
  • Potential partitions
  • PVC floor structure
  • Insulated roof with rainwater harvest
  • Door(s) and window(s),
  • Well laid electricity throughout the work camp
  • Required plumbing work done like the installation of a toilet, drains, pipes, water tank, etc.
Layout of a unit in kit form for life camp on a construction site
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What makes us unique?

At Containers Solutions, we offer dedicated service to our customers in South Africa and
throughout the globe. What makes us the first choice of our clients is our dedicated service and
exceptional product quality. We mainly focus on timely deliverables and extensive customer
support to create a satisfied client base. Check out why we are the best in this business:

Highly mobile

Our work camps are made readily available to all parts of Africa such as South Africa, Central
Africa, West Africa, and the Maghreb. Our scattered network of forwarding agents makes it
possible for us to deliver our work camps in flat packs, which are then put together at the
construction site.

Quality with Speed

It takes us 5 to 6 weeks to manufacture a work camp; thanks to our three manufacturing units and over 2000 workers who have made this possible for us. Our primary focus is to create the best quality product within a stipulated period of time. The installation of a work camp is done in half a day without any technical help. This makes us a standout in the industry.

bungalows de chantier en kit conditionnés à plat

Ready to use and safe

Extensive attention is given to the interior and the build of the work camps, making them instantly available to use after installation. Special attention is given towards the safety of the work camps. These modular work camps are constructed to safeguard against heavy wind, flood, and can also resist extensive heat.

Usine de production des panneaux sandwich
Montage d'un bungalow en kit pour base vie de chantier

Tailor-made design

Customers priority is our main focus. We keep on updating our clients regarding the development of their project and also take essential requirements which help us provide tailor-made service.

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Plusieurs bungalows connectés entre eux pour former un grand espaceModule sanitaire de base vie de chantier
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Alignement de bungalow de chantier pour base vie

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