Modular office: Designed for your convenience and efficiency

Modular office space is a new concept introduced for the benefit of business without any
intervention. Be it a completely new site, office expansion, revamping your space completely or
carrying out your business in an improved working environment, Containers Solutions uses
state-of-the-art designs, backed by the latest technology, when it comes to providing modular
office solutions.

We add dynamics to your modular office architecture, which can then be wholly customized as
per the requirement of your office. Offering 360-degree flexibility in a modular design office is an
excellent choice for dynamic business where there is a need for changing preferences.
In the case of a volatile office such as a construction site, the modular office serves as a great
option. If you love to shuffle around spaces and want to customize your workspace based on
your requirement, then modular office space is the ultimate solution for you. These prefab kits
are easy to build and dismantle. This kit can be carried to different locations with ease, which
makes it an excellent solution for a temporary office base aswell.

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Our solutions

Containers Solutions provides a complete office space solution to be it interior or exterior. We
offer prefab building materials which are ready to arrange at the construction site. These modular
offices can serve the purpose of full-fledged offices at any location. When you are unsure about
your office location, this can be a perfect solution as a modular office provides the facility to
move with ease.

We also provide interior office solutions aswell. Quiet personal space is a must for holding
essential meetings, taking a phone call, conducting an interview, or even collaborating with
colleagues to bring out new ideas. Our modular office interior provides personal space, which
enhances efficiency at work.

The specialty of our products

Our products are most preferred among cross-industries under expanded geographies. Quality
build, expert engineering, timely delivery, and excellent customer support is our secret to
success. Here are a few of our product specifications which will help you gauge our efficiency
at work.


Unnecessary noise can intervene in the creative process, which goes on in an office. That is
why our prefab building material comes with a soundproof technique which does not allow
unnecessary sound to enter in your office space and thus giving you enough room for creativity.
Our engineers plan our building prefabs with different techniques which are tried and tested.


These prefabricated modular offices are less space consuming and can be built in any
specification. Containers Solutions provides a personal solution for each business needs. We
understand your requirement and thus offer a personalized solution for each business we serve.
Our modular office space has provision for everything, from enough room for a door and windows,
work stations, cabins, inventory, toilets, etc.

Personalized interior

We understand your requirement for personal space when it comes to attending that critical
phone call or conducting a meeting or dealing with clients. Our modular office is well-equipped
with partitions which allow your personal space. Soundproof interior helps you carry out your
essential discussions with ease. We offer work stations, private cabins, meeting rooms, toilets,
and pantry inside the modular office. Special attention is given to storage as there will be a need to
store documents in the future.


We have efficiently planned and built our prefabrications, which ensure the optimum use of
every inch of your office space. Our well-planned architecture and world-class design make our
modular office space the first choice of our clients throughout the globe. Our versatile design is
liked and preferred by several industries. Excellent engineering and architecture help us to build
premium, substantial, sturdy and efficient office space.


When compared to conventional methods of building an office, the prefabricated modular office
serves the purpose to be cost-effective. It does not affect the business of the existing office
while helping to expand for better working conditions. Simultaneously, a prefab modular office can
be assembled onsite without any other mechanism which is again a cost-effective method.

What makes us better?

Along with quality products and unmatched designs, which allow ample light and air to keep
your office space lively, we also provide excellent service, which makes us stand out in the
prefab industry. Take a look at our services, which make your experience with us even better.

Shipping and handling

Transportation is made easy with the availability of our carrying and forwarding agent near you
(C&F). We are a service provider to many, especially to Europe, Africa, and we also do
business in other parts of the world as well. Our prefab kits are specially packed in a flatbed
way, which makes them easy to carry and transport to any location. These prefabs can be
carried by trucks, ships and other vehicles.

Strong Build

At Containers Solutions, we give much preference to quality checks. Our firm quality control team
make every raw material pass through a robust QC process. This enables us to maintain high
quality and great build. We use frames which are made of corrosion free galvanized steel, which
helps to keep the structure sturdy. Our prefab modular office can withstand harsh weather
conditions as well. We have paid importance to the climatic conditions and therefore, have installed an insulated roof which restricts excess heat from penetrating the roof of the prefab building


Professional Installation

We offer the installation of the prefab kits at the construction site by our professional workforce. Though
our well-built prefab kit does not require any expert skills, we help to assemble the parts for you.
Our instant modular office can be built in a short period of half a day, which can instantly add to
your workspace.


At Containers Solutions, we offer prefab modular office kit in standard shapes and sizes. However,
we have enough scope for expansion. Based on our client’s requirement, we provide
personalized solutions which involve site visits or personalized meetings, which help our
engineers to understand the exact need. We continuously worked hard to meet your
expectations and built a workspace for you, which is efficient and robust at the same time. The
high-quality materials used for the fabrication of the building makes it durable and sturdy even in
harsh weather conditions.

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Mark our presence worldwide

We offer our prefab business worldwide. Our main area of operation is European countries and
Africa. The modular office has been a recent trend for many industries such as IT, corporate
office space, government offices, health care industry, etc.

Our modular offices are well-equipped with electricity, plumbing work, and other related facilities. We have offered many details to the floor plan to maximize the floor utility.

What makes us even better is our all rounded service. Our clients are served with a complete
solution for modular office; from fabrication, transportation, handling, easy installation, customer
support, and maintenance, we do them all. Our technical team is made ready to assist you at
your convenience.

We are just a call away! Contact us today, and we would love to view your construction site right
away. We promise to deliver a premium quality modular office solution which will make your
workspace a lively affair and a great place to work.

Let’s revamp your office to make it more functional!

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