Prefabricated buildings: changing the scenario of construction!

Prefabricated buildings in kit form for every use

Work camp

Life camp’s bungalow in kit form for constructions sitesPrefabricated buildings as work camps and lodging on constructions sites


Prefabricated shelter in kit formModular container in kit form as shelter and mechanical room


Lock-up boxes of self-storage overlapped on two levelsContainer in kit form dedicated to storage and warehousing of equipments

Sentry box

Modular sentry box in kit formUnit in kit form (reception box, booth and guardroom)

Expert in modular building, Containers Solutions sells all sorts of prefabricated buildings in Europe, in South Africa and all around the world.

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We all know that the construction of buildings takes a lot of time. But with the progress of the
prefabricated buildings, the construction time has relatively come down. In the case of
prefabricated buildings, parts of a building are manufactured in a factory. These parts are then
transported to the construction site with ease and assembled to make a full-fledged room,
house or office as per the requirement.

The specialty of a prefab building is its spontaneous nature and durable product. We give
special importance to product quality. Every raw material and finished product at our
construction manufacturing unit goes through rigorous quality checks, which help us offer the
best product to our customers.

Prefab buildings can be an excellent alternative to traditional architecture in the case of a flood and
other natural calamities. They can be used in various projects such as for building houses,
schools, offices, sentry box, temporary accommodation at a construction site, etc. These
prefabricated buildings come in flatbeds and can be assembled to make a reliable and robust

Our prefab buildings are well equipped with all the required amenities and have doors and windows
which allow enough light and air inside the building. What makes us a preferred choice among
our valued clients is our eye for details and quality craftsmanship.

Our products

View of the factory of sandwich panels

We maintain a robust inventory of prefab building materials which help our clients to choose based on their requirement.


Work camp

These prefab buildings are a perfect match for settlement at construction sites. At
Containers Solution, we provide prefabricated work camps in different shapes and sizes, which
can be easily removed and transferred. It is the best solution for temporary work, however, it can
be used for permanent construction projects aswell, such as an office, studio, canteen, office, etc.
the prefabricated modular buildings are well-equipped with all the facilities and can be built as per
company specification. Prefab work camps are an excellent alternative to traditional
construction with the added benefit of mobility and cost-effectiveness.

Flat storage of modular buildings in kit form Modular building export


Containers Solutions’ shelter in a kit form is a quick and reliable answer to prefab
technical room. These shelters are highly efficient to be used as modular containers for
machinery or a complete functional block.

The build of the shelter is given much priority in terms of technical obligations: resistance, insulation, surface, air conditioning, aesthetics, etc.

These shelters are the best match for outdoor machinery that is used at a construction site. Due to its
easy mobility, our prefab shelters have become the first choice in construction industry. Our
modular shelters can protect an expensive outdoor machine from sunlight, rain, dust, and other
natural hazards.

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factory of prefabricated buildings : welding of the steel frames


Our modular storage box is made of corrosion-free galvanized steel, which keeps it
sturdy and rusts free. It is a great alternative to store goods for a permanent and temporary
basis as well. Its well-built body helps it to retain its shape and keep it light as well. These
waterproof storages are stackable on several floors and can take up to 500 kg of weight every
square meter. This storage can be used outdoors to keep machinery and equipment safe at the
construction site. The storage box is highly movable and can be laid flat once dismantled. The
construction of the storage box can be done instantly at the construction site, which is then
ready to use.

Sentry box

Our expertise in modular prefab buildings has extended its capacity to manufacture a
quality sentry box. These are made with sandwich panels which offers extra strength and
durability. Mostly used outdoors, Containers Solutions’ sentry box is a good option for a security
guard booth, ticketing office, checkpoint, kiosk, information point, first-aid point, etc. the size of
the sentry box varies from 1.5 square meters and above.

Why choose prefab building over the conventional structure ?

Less production time

At Containers Solution, we focus on timely deliverables. Our vast factory setup and more than
2000 worker make it possible for us to produce a complete prefab building in just 5 to 6 weeks.
Quality first is our main motto, and we believe in quality deliverables to retain happy customers.

Low assembly cost and time

Our prefab buildings are a quick fix and ready to use. Most interestingly, combining modular
parts does not require technical help, which also eradicates expenditure on skilled technicians.
We continuously strive to deliver a quality product at the best competitive price, which keeps us
ahead of our competitors.

Ready to use

We offer well-built and complete prefab buildings. These buildings are instantly ready for usage
just after installation. Facilities like plumbing, electricity, partitioning, etc. are made available within the premises. We prioritize the importance of natural light and air inside the prefab modular buildings and therefore have enough scope for doors and windows.

Easy shipping

Shipping is made easy with Containers Solutions. We pack the parts of the prefab buildings on
a flatbed basis which can be easily carried by trucks, ships, and containers. We give individual
preference to the packaging of our products which keeps them away from damage during


Efforts are made towards building quality materials, which are lightweight as well. When it
comes to prefab buildings, the weight of the building parts plays an essential role. Lightweight
makes them easy to carry and thus make it efficient to handle, and shipping of the product is
made easy as well.

Tailor-made design

We, at Containers Solutions, provide industry standard prefab buildings which can then be
tailor-made according to individual requirement. We particulary focus on the materials used
and the architecture of the building which set us as a trademark for craftsmanship.

Sturdy and durable

While procuring raw materials, we maintain a firm quality check guideline, which helps us
produce high-quality finished products. We use industry standard material, which are corrosion
free and lightweight. Our sturdy prefab buildings are built in layers with a strong base and frame
which keeps them sturdy even at the time of a flood and strong wind.


Without compromising on the quality, we continuously strive to keep the overall cost of our
products low. For example, the assembly of a prefab building at the construction site can be done
at a nominal fee, whereas, our scattered C&F agents make our products readily available at
your convenience at a lower cost.

Why choose us?

With business expansion in countries like Europe, Africa, and all around the world, we have
proven track record of developing a satisfied customer base. Our extensive inventory helps our
valued customers choose products according to their requirement.

At Containers Solutions, we provide industry standard products; however, we are also open to custom-made products to best suit our clients. Our potential and eye for details lead us to become industry leaders. We support our quality line of products with spontaneous customer support, which adds value to our
overall deliverables.

We work as a team towards excellence

Our team comprises of highly experienced engineers who pay details to design and construction
of the prefab buildings. Our large workspace allows us to produce a high volume of products at
a time. More than 2000 technicians provide their support to make us the forerunner in the manufacturing industry of prefab building.

At Containers Solutions, we work as a team to bring you excellence!

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